Our Platform.

Our Aims:

We are a UK-based student-led Think Tank affiliated with Leeds University Union (a registered UK charity), dedicated to undertaking empirically driven and non-partisan policy research. Our research will cover both local and national issues.

Our Background:

Our 6 Policy areas are:

  • Macro Policy
  • Energy and Environment
  • Urban Planning and Transport
  • Social Policy
  • Market Interventions
  • Financial Regulations

Established in April 2023, Leeds Think Tank (LTT) is working to engage the student body in policy dialogue through high-quality research. Alongside our regular reports and smaller-scale articles, we will host speaker and panellist events within the university. Finally, with connections to prominent newspapers, we will work to get our most impressive members’ articles published nationwide. LTT seeks to empower its student members and contribute to the betterment of society.