Press Releases.

Financial Regulation

Financial Regulators are Operating in the Dark

When regulating Non-Bank Financial Intermediaries (NBFIs) serious gaps in data collection have led to poorly informed decisions

Market Interventions

Market Regulators aren’t Ready for the Digital Age

The CMA’s new ‘Digital Market, Competition, and Consumers Bill’ (DMCC) is far too ambiguous and inflexible, while lacking accountability, to ever properly regulate in the digital age

Social Policy

Shining a Light on Hidden Homelessness

Sofa-surfing is the largest form of homelessness in the UK, but policymakers provide few methods of support for those in need

Energy and Environment

London Alone Can’t Fix the Climate Crisis

Without further devolution, with powers over green energy granted to local councils, the UK’s transformation towards its net-zero target may never happen

Macro Policy

Serious Faults Exposed in Bank of England Forecasting

Inflation, Money Growth, and Second-Round Effects: How Effective has the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Been?